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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Rant #1,861: White On White

Yes, the snow is coming down, although not nearly as badly as it was predicted to be falling by all the doomsday weather forecasters.

It is bad enough that my wife and I do not have work today.

My son's place of business is open, but it is bad enough that we cannot get him there, so he is taking an unpaid day off.

I hate the snow, I really do.

You want to know how much I hate the snow?

I hate the snow as much as I hate … chicken.

Yes, that is how much I hate the snow.

What does the snow do? It comes down, sits there, and disrupts everything.

But it does not sit there for long, because I have to shovel the stuff, break my back to remove this stuff, and it is getting harder to do as a get older.

As a kid, snow is something magical, wonderful, and it must be experienced as a kid to fully understand the reasons why young people love the snow.

Building snow men is fun; building piles of snow that you have shoveled off your sidewalk is not fun.

Snow is for kids, as much as Trix cereal is for kids.

Sure, we can eat the cereal, but it is not good for us.

Sure, we can experience the falling snow, but it is not good for us, either.

And to get rid of the snow, we put stuff down on the ground that can't be that good for anything.

The salt, the lye, the other stuff, it eats away at our infrastructure, and when it gets splashed on our cars, it rots the car's framework.

And when snow sits around for awhile, it loses that pretty white luster and turns all kinds of colors, and it is not so pretty to the eye.

The snow also makes people crazy. People run out and buy milk and bread, as if they won't be venturing outside for about a month.

How can the milk and bread placate you during a snowstorm or blizzard?

And people drive crazy in the snow, not understanding that this stuff can cause accidents.

Many people drive with completely reckless abandon; others drive at the speed of a less than brisk walk.

Stay off the roads during a storm, and when you can drive again, really watch what you are doing.

I never could understand that.

In fact, I cannot think of one good thing to say about the snow, and I have thought hard to come up with something.

It simply does not please me at all, so I absolutely hate it when it snows.

The only adults that like the snow are those that have their shoveling done for them, and even these people must have their heads examined.

Unless you are a skier, any sign of snow is a warning from Mother Nature that she is all powerful, and should not be messed with.

I hate the snow. Period.


  1. Larry,such negativity! A reason to love snow? It gives you a day away from the job that you,here comes more negativity,hate and you got to sleep late today.
    So,exactly why should anyone who has their shoveling done for them "have their heads examined"?

  2. I simply feel that snow is more bother than it is worth. And yes, we have to go out and shovel away all of this garbage, which is something I don't enjoy doing at all, so yes, I hate the snow ... Although from the looks of it, it appears we got more slush than snow this time around, which is going to make it more difficult to clean up.

  3. By the way Larry, I notice all comments now require approval by the propaganda minister before being posted. What is it exactly that you are afraid of? It isn't as though reactions to your essays are coming in fast and furious. One would think that you would welcome any and all participation. Consider this a denunciation of this new policy.

  4. Unfortunately, I just think that it was necessary to provide me more control of what can and can't go up here. As it is, probably 99 percent of the messages will go up, but it is that 1 percent that I am most concerned with. I did this at one point when I had a multitude of Yahoo Groups, and it worked out fine. I am sure it will do the same thing here.

  5. "...but it is that 1 percent that I am most concerned with." I ask again, what is it exactly that you are afraid of?

  6. I am not afraid of anything, but unfortunately, I do have to have some control over posts too. I have not stopped a single post from going through since I put this into place. It is for when things get nasty, off topic, and a little out of hand. I wouldn't even think about it. It has nothing to do with most of the posts that go here, but for the others, it is just a protection against wringing a topic dry and going way off topic. It is nothing more than that. You can read between the lines all you like, but there is nothing more to it.

    1. Okay, I am not go think about it anymore.

  7. Good. But keep posting when you feel the need to do so. Thanks.