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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Rant #1,852: Here Comes Summer

Today, in my neck of the woods, it is going to push 70 degrees.

That's right, 70 degrees on March 1.

That's warm for this time of year. It is more like April and May than it is March.

And the warm weather will also bring wet weather, so no one should go out to the beach just yet.

No snow is a good thing, and for my money, the white stuff can stay away forever. I absolutely hate it.

But, even with the warmer weather, I am miserable.


Because my allergies are absolutely killing me.

With the warmer weather coming so early in the calendar year, it is affecting my sinuses like it rarely has so early in the year.

It is too warm so early, so things are blooming today that normally bloom in April or May.

Thus, there are things in the air that normally don't get here for two more months, and thus, the allergy season has been extended.

So today, as I woke up, my nose was running, my eyes were watery, and I felt a little off.

Things have kind of stabilized since I have been up for approaching an hour as I write this, but I don't feel as good as I normally feel during the winter.

The winter is normally my allergy rest time, so to speak. The winter kind of cleanses my allergy ills, what with the colder weather, but this year, the weather hasn't been too cool at all.

In fact, I heard yesterday that this past February was the warmest one on record in New York, with an average temperature of about 41 degrees.

And that is with one or two days of snow that we received during the month, when the weather was more like it normally is in February.

Now we move into a new month, and March is going in like a lamb, as the saying goes.

Will it leave us like a lion?

I don't know, but I saw the forecast for the next week or so, and it looks like we will be in at least the 40s every day for the foreseeable future, with some days, like today, being abnormally warm for this time of year. There is a chance of snow on Friday, but even if we get some, the days afterward will be so warm that it will melt away pretty quickly.

And what is it with this trend of wearing shorts in the coldest weather? Sure, we generally didn't have that cold a weather pattern in February, but even during its coldest days, I saw many people wearing shorts.

Shorts are for the summer, or at least when it reaches 70 degrees ... oh, that's right. It is supposed to at least get near 70 today, so out come the shorts!

The next thing we will see is people wearing bathing suits when it hits such a temperature.

I guess that is OK by me if it is a pretty girl wearing a bikini, but no one wants to see someone like me in my beachwear at this time of year, so pretty girl, yes, me, absolutely not.

But before I decide on my apparel for the day, please get me a tissue. My nose is running, and I need to go catch it.

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