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Friday, March 10, 2017

Rant #1,859: Mama

My allergies are not good today, my bones ache and after a few days of ridiculous warmth, we are supposed to have a couple of inches of show fall on the ground today,

Yes, it feels like a typical late winter day in my neck of the woods.

But tomorrow, March 11, is a special day in my family, as my mother celebrates her birthday.

She is turning the ripe young age of 86.

And if you know my mother, you know that the operative word is "young."

She gets around more than any other 86 year old on this planet, and she also puts to shame people a quarter of her age who complain and complain about nothing.

My mother does not let anything gets in her way. She has a purpose in life, and if that purpose is anything mundane like shopping, or something more important, like taking care of her grandchildren, then that is what drives her.

She is like a steamroller going over wet tar.

My father--who is a few months younger than my mother and recently celebrated his 85th birthday--is a more laid-back type.

If he had his druthers, he would pretty much read the newspaper and watch TV all day long.

My mother does not allow this situation to happen. She pushes him to do things, to move around, to get out and accomplish things. That is how she always was, and always will be.

She is in constant motion, and cannot sit still. There is always the next challenge, and she dives right into it.

Sure, she probably isn't as spry as she was 10, 20, 30 or more years ago, but don't tell that to her.

She will laugh right in your face.

She doesn't need energy drinks to get around like many younger people do. She sort of has the energy drink built right into her, and needs no outside stimulants to get the job done.

I guess you could call her a driven person. She doesn't wait for others to act, she simply does it herself.

Of course, I love my mother, but I admire her, too.

I am sort of a combination of her and my father. I can get the job done, too, when necessary, but I also love to lounge around and do nothing.

But if I had a choice, I would be more like my mother. I think it is that built in drive that keeps her young.

Heck, she is 86 years old, and she looks about 30 years younger than she really is.

I can't keep up with her. No one that I know can.

She is the proud mother of two kids and five grandchildren.

I hope she has a chance to be a great grandmother, because those kids will experience a complete hurricane of a person.

She doesn't need to participate in marches to demonstrate to the world her purpose in life.

Eighty six years old? Heck, it is just a number to her.

So tomorrow, my family and I will take her out to dinner at the restaurant of her choice, and she deserves so much more from us.

At least she will sit still for once as she enjoys her dinner. It is probably the only time she will stop moving the entire day.

She is this family's bedrock, and we all love her.

Happy birthday, mom, and many, many more.

Have a good weekend. I will speak to you again on Monday.