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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Classic Rant #517 (June 2, 2011): Calling a Weiner and Weiner

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) has found himself in a pickle of a scandal here in New York.

The politician--who had been a rising star in the Democratic Party and had his sights on running for New York City mayor as a stepping stone to higher office--has been accused of sending a lewd photo, via his Twitter account, to a college student in Seattle.

However, he denies sending the photo, saying someone hacked into his Twitter account and did the dirty work. He also denies knowing the woman he supposedly sent the photo to.

Now, more is coming out about this case, as Weiner admits that he doesn't know if the photo is of himself. "You know, I can't say with certitude," he told reporters yesterday. "Certitude?"

It is quite possible that he did get hacked. But where did the hackee get this photo, if it is, for certain, of Weiner?

And why is Weiner taking such pictures anyway, if it is him?

Weiner has painted himself as an outspoken Democrat, ranting and raving about various policies affecting New York City. He is well known on the political scene here.

He recently raised some eyebrows when he, a Jew, married a Muslim woman who is an aide to Sen. Hilary Clinton. How could a Jew marry a Muslim? Was this a true marriage, or a marriage of convenience?

That is really no one's business, but an elected politician sending a college student probably half his age a lewd photo via the Internet is everyone's business.

I am willing to give some slack to Weiner. When he was a toddler, he lived in my old neighborhood, Rochdale Village. I will give slack to anybody who went through that experience.

But what happens if Weiner actually did send the photo? What does that say about his moral character?

And how can he say that he doesn't know if the photo is of him?

If Weiner did, in fact, send the photo, he should really come clean about it. The longer any doubt persists, the more damaging it will be to him.

And if he did send it, his political aspirations may have come to a halt.

But that might not be so bad for him. He can still make tons of money--look at what happened to New York's former governor, Elliot Spitzer, who did far worse than anything Weiner might have done, by engaging prostitutes on taxpayer's time and money.

He is now doing well as a talk show personality, and he has even talked of getting into the political arena once again.

So, if Weiner sent the photo, he should come clean now.

His name has already replaced Spitzer's as a catchphrase in these parts.

Be a winner, Weiner, and do what is right.

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