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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Rant #1,857: Baby, Would You Drive My Car

This kind of strange story turned up all across media yesterday, so I thought I would bring it to your attention if you missed it.

Lisa Nussbaum, a 38-year-old mom from Monroe, Connecticut, was arrested after not only allowing her 10-year-old son to driver her car through a residential neighborhood, but also putting up videos on Facebook showing this underage driver piloting the car.

The kid (not shown in the photo) had experience as a driver, as since the ripe old age of eight years old, he has been driving ATVs, but driving such vehicles is not akin to driving a car, so his mom was arrested.

And she had the audacity to post the videos of this indiscretion on Facebook, yet.

Would she have posted the videos if he had hit another car, or perhaps even another person?

This thing with the need to expose yourself on Facebook has gotten out of hand, and yes, Facebook is also to blame for not policing its site better.

Sure, they eventually took the video down, but not because they saw what it was and deemed it to be inappropriate and unlawful.

It took the efforts of other Facebook users to alert the police about the incident, not Facebook for perhaps seeing what was going on and doing something about it, like simply removing the video, if nothing else.

But as I have said numerous times, Facebook is like the Wild West, pretty much anything goes, whether you are literally exposing yourself or pledging allegiance to ISIS.

Look, I understand freedom of speech, but with freedom of speech comes responsibility.

On Facebook, nobody has responsibility for anything, and the site needs to better monitor what it allows to be posted, because one day, something is going to be posted and it will lead to a massive lawsuit, which will find Facebook culpable for whatever actions are described in the post and/or video.

The day is coming, only Facebook does not see the iceberg in its path yet. It has upped its security a slight bit, but not enough.

Now back to the mom ...

Obviously, this woman is in clear need of some type of psychiatric help.

First off, allowing a 10-year old to drive a car at all, and through a residential neighborhood yet, shows a complete lack of understanding about the possible consequences of such actions, and certainly a lack of common sense.

And recording it and putting it up on Facebook ... well, you might as well go into a police station and admit wrongdoing directly to the authorities if you are going to do that.

Doesn't this fool realize that she has posted the evidence?

I hope they take this kid away from her for awhile, because then, she will truly have to think about what she did.

Piloting a motor vehicle is no child's play. The kid is way underage. Filming the episode shows a complete detachment to reality. Put the woman away, take away her kid for awhile, and make her think about what she did.

But also look into Facebook, and why they allow posts to be put up haphazardly with little policing of what they allow on their site. Users should realize that you can't just put up anything there for the world to see, but evidently, some people don't know this because Facebook's enforcement is so weak.

End of story.

And end of Rant.

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