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Friday, July 7, 2017

Rant #1,933: Liar, Liar

So now we hear that supposed comic Kathy Griffin has been investigated for her supposed comedic actions of a few weeks ago, where she posted a photo showing the bloodied head of someone who looked very much like President Trump.

Yes, the government has investigated her, and while they probably won't find anything other than pure and unadulterated stupidity behind this insipid action, Griffin is once again pleading forgiveness, hoping that the general public forgets this action and just allows here, as she is quoted as saying, to "make people laugh."

Please, Ms. Griffin, it is time for you to take your just desserts.

First of all, the question still remains, why did she thin, posting a photo of the bloodied, severed head of anyone was funny? It was bad enough that it was the President, but how could she think that this was a comedic act?

Second, why did she come back so apologetic, and then lash out at the President, saying that he was trying to break her? Did she really think that the President has nothing better to do than to answer a comedienne, and a bad one at that?

Now, Griffin is continuing to plead sort of a cultural insanity, asking people to forgive her and to move on.

She claims that not only is the government investigating her--as they should, what she did was a threat to the President and his family, and all threats, even those that are as insipid as this one was, must be looked into--but she also claims that she receives daily death threats.

If what she is claiming is true--and you really can't give her a cart blanche OK on this, because she has proven to not being very credible in what she has said about this episode--then, of course, that is wrong.

But due to her prior stance about this, you really have to question what she is saying, and ask if she is only doing this to drum up some sympathy for her "plight," a path she dug for herself with her stupid actions.

Again--and I said this way back when this all happened--she should really lay a bit low now, let the public breathe a bit, and then come back to the public fore, where she will gain plenty of sympathy.

It has worked for other celebrities--Pee Wee Herman and Mel Gibson are two of them--and it can work for her.

We are a very forgiving society, and she will be forgiven.

But she needs to step away, and step away right now, from the spotlight.

The more she talks and tries to apologize for something that we already know, based on her actions, that she doesn't really feel was such a bad thing, the more she is digging a very deep hole for herself.

Go away for a while, come back, and the public will forgive you.

To make it plain, just shut up already.

Speak to you again on Monday. Have a nice weekend.


  1. Spotlight? None of this even hit my radar. I guess it was too full of other stupidity in the same vein...the POTUS and his asinine CNN wrestling video.

  2. Apparently, insipid is the word of the day. Use the word once okay, twice that is poor writing.
    It takes no courage at all to pile on a person with a big target on their back.
    Okay, the government wasted taxpayer money on an investigation. Is That A suprise?
    Another essay beating up on Kathy Griffin is really lame.
    I do notice your self imposed ban on discussion of our current administration. Rather than a "rerun" essay denouncing Kathy Griffin, I wondered what your thoughts on Trump's wrestling video. Unfortunately, all we got here was a rehashed "worst of" essay.

  3. The whole ball of wax is asinine, to be honest with you, but her continued story was first in Yahoo when I opened up my computer today, so I figured I might as well write about something that was trending so mightily (at least according to Yahoo). As for the current administration, I said a while back that I wasn't talking politics anymore, and although you can link up the current story to politics, at this point, it has become more a human interest story than anything else. And my self-imposed ban on talking about politics has been broken a few times before, and if you don't like what I am writing about, it is your right to not read my posts anymore, if that makes you feel better. I have no agenda; I write what I want to write about, and if it doesn't meet your own personal agenda, then so be it.